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"Check out Quality Equine Laundry’s Web site at, or send Jim an E-mail at
I highly recommend this service. You will not be disappointed!"

HORSE TALK, Volume 15/issue 1 January/February 2007

“I saw some blankets at Rowley Harness and assumed they were new. They were bright, clean, well-packaged, and had no smell. When the owner told me they were blankets that Quality Equine Laundry had dropped off I was amazed....and I immediately signed up for their service. The work has been great, and quite reasonable. The weekly service is a dream come true!”

Lynn O’Connell, Owner
Wadsworth Farm,
Danvers, MA
"Just want you to know that I was in VT last week with two of my horses. They were out 24/7 with run in that they did not use once. I had a green sheet on top of the Blue Rambo for the entire time. Got one hour ride in between the storms. THEY WERE COMPLETELY DRY the entire week. Your system really works."

Joe Gitterman
Woodgate Farm
"Jim, I am absolutely thrilled with your service. Everything has been returned on time and SUPER CLEAN! Not only do they look great but they smell FRESH and it has been great to store them in a nice blanket bag which does not allow mold to build."

Donna White
White Haven Farm
We really do love your blankets!