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Our heavy duty washing machines ensure a clean horse blanket We handle each blanket individually We take cleaning horse blankets seriously

Service: Price:

New Zealand (at Owner’s Risk)
Wool Cooler
Heavy Weight Turnout
Medium Weight Turnout
Polar Fleece Cooler
Turnout Sheet
Baker Blanket
Cotton/Nylon Sheets
Fly Sheets & Scrims
Western Saddle Pad
Saddle Pad
Shipping Boots
Bulk Laundry (towels, rags, wraps, etc.) Water Repellent

$15.00 & Up
$1.50 lb. 


Expert Repairs:

Our expert seamstresses examine the need for repair on each blanket. If repairs are deemed necessary, our experts use thread specifically selected for its durability. We maintain an extensive inventory of blanket hardware, fabrics (most colors) and webbing.

The combination of our expert cleaning and expert repairing enables QEL to return your horse’s blanket in almost new condition. Each repair is different. Some blankets require minimal repairs, some require much more. The owner agrees to trust our judgment as to the need for repair. $5.00 & up.