Quality Equine Laundry President, Jim Collentro

Several years ago, the founder of
Quality Equine Laundry used his 50 years of experience in the commercial laundry business to develop a new and revolutionary way to process, sanitize and refresh horse blankets from wool coolers to fly sheets to New Zealand blankets.

Over the years, we have processed thousands of blankets for satisfied customers from riding stables, farm owners, tack shops and individual horse owners located in New England and many other states. Our mission is to assure that your horse’s blankets are provided the same level of professional care you demand from your local dry cleaner.

Our Industrial Washing Machines get horse blankets supper clean!Are you ready to say goodbye to overloaded washing machines at home, lugging dirty hairy blankets to a laundromat, only to find that you are not allowed to use the machines because of local laws? Are you ready to say hello to spotless blankets delivered to your doorstep with all buckles, Velcro and tears repaired? Our service will make your old blankets look like new.

We launder all blankets with our unique, non-toxic formula that removes all dirt, hair and odor. Our special process ensures a clean product and elements shrinkage. The water repellent we apply restores a blanket's original weather resistant quality.

Cleaned horse blankets in storage bagsWe meticulously fold and wrap all blankets in a zippered plastic container with breathable sides for easy storage.

Quality Equine Laundry makes pick up and deliver an easy process via shipping with UPS™ throughout the United States and offers direct pick up and delivery through most of Massachusetts.